Brand Management

What’s parallel-import car?

For some persons, parallel-import car is a new word. But you must be interested in it when you are told that parallel-import car is much cheaper than cars that sold by 4S stores. Parallel-import car is referred to those imported from oversea market into China market without brands authorized, an import way different from the traditional way of authorizing 4S stores first and 4S stores selling to customers second.

Briefly, parallel-import car procurement service is like Wechat circle’s so-called purchasing on other one’s behalf. That is to say we purchase cars oversea with the same quality but lower price and guaranteed quality. Customers could choose parallel-import cars with different versions and standards according to their own needs.

How about the after-sales maintenance of parallel-import cars?

As for Championway, insurance companies are fully responsible for the quality guarantee of each parallel-import car so customer needn’t be worried about daily after-sales maintenance if purchasing parallel-import cars in Championway.

Parallel-import Car Versions

American Versions

Those matching with American traffic rules are regards as American versions, common ones like Cayenne, Benz GL etc.

European Versions

Those matching with European traffic rules are called European versions. Having traveled 43 countries and one district in Europe, the common parallel-import car brand is Range Rover, involving Germany, Britain, Sweden and other countries.

Middle East Versions

Those matching with Middle East’s traffic rules are called Middle East versions, with the majority of Toyota.

Canadian Versions

Those matching with Canadian traffic rules are regarded as Canadian versions, take Sienna for an example.