Group Introduction
Qingdao Hetung Automobile Sales Co.,Ltd - About Us

Qingdao Hetung Automobile Sales Co.,Ltd is mainly engaged in the business of high-end car maintenance, car import, car distribution and retail, children toy car development , production and children drive training, heavy motorcycle retail and service, car modification.

Company History

19th Nov, 2014, Qingdao Hetung Automobile Sales Co.,Ltd was founded , located in Huangdao district, registered capital RMB 20,000,000.00.

5th, Dec, 2014 Qingdao Hopetune Automobile Sales and Service Co,LTD was founded and in the same year the city hall was opened on Ningia road, Shinan district.

20th, May, 2015, the owned brand of Hetung which is served for the car aftersales market, Championway automobile civilization and living park was founded and located in Heilongjiang middle road

June , 2015, Hetung Tianjin office was founded, the business active the whole China mainland.

14th, Sep, 2015, the American famous Heavy motorcycle brand officially authorized Hetune as the main agent in Shandong province.

18th Nov, 2016, Championway Automobile Civilization and Living park officially start the business

17th,Mar, 2017, Qingdao Hoooon Toy Co,.Ltd was founded, engaged in children toy car development , production and children drive training

Contact US

Add: #377 Heilongjiang middle road, Licang district, Qingdao city.

Sales Tel: 0532-5567 6666

Insurance Tel: 0532-5567 3190

Aftersales service: 0532-5567 3192

Major Services

High-end car overhual, maintenance; insurance, finance and other value-added services

Car decoration, car fittings, solar film pasting, car modification and others.

Parallel-import new car sales and retail

Research, development and production of Hoooon children car, automobile science and technology knowledge for elementary school students and traffic rules training

Sales Services of Heavy Motorcycles