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Hoooon is a joint-venture project between Championway and Beijing Zhongruideke. Beijing zhongruideke has big influence on the field of automobile development & production and high-end automobile consumption, specializing in the development and diversified application to electrical platform system. With its advantage and experience, Beijing Zhongruideke has produced high-end children cars with high-performance and top quality. The children car has incomparable simulation, controllability and rideability as its design and manufacture both live up to the levels of standard automobiles. Its Founder Mr Wang Chao, who had worked for Beijing Jeep, Beijing Daimler Benz, Beijing Automotive Research Institute, is the consultant for many design companies, visiting professor of BMW and awarded as China’s 2015 Top 100 Commercial Creative Persons. Additionally, the nationwide popular Mobike is also designed by Mr Wang.

Hoooon children car project now has come into production in Championway. Its future operation mainly includes organizing children car competition, children film and television programme, design competition on children cars, traffic rules training, basic and high-level driving skill training, automobile knowledge training for education teamwork, advanced driving skill level judgement, on-line driving video, sales of driving-themed children’s wear, parents-child clothes and modified parts.

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